:: Amer Laser unit in Zagazig University:: :: Fillers,Can i FILL with Hyaluronic acid?:: :: Chemical peeling:: :: BOTOX® is BOTOX®,where can i INJECT?:: :: Cairo Derma VII from 20-23 April 2016:: :: Mesoglow:: :: Mesotherapy:: :: Microphototherapy:: :: Erbium Fractional Laser:: :: www.cairoderma.com:: :: Amer skin care is our new center in October city:: :: Professor Amer made a great job as the President of Zamalek club:: :: The Amers are invited to the 5CC congress in Barcelona 2016:: :: New Laser machine for Hair removal:: :: facebook::
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All the news of cairo derma IV which is hosting the 7th world congress of the IACD will be available on www.cairoderma.com by the end of July. Plenary sessions,workshops,symposia and precongress course details will be available online soon.Speakers and program will be also online very soon.
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