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  Latest News
Dr Amin working hours in Zagazig Clinic and Cairo Clinic
Dr Amin working hours in Zagazig Clinic is from (12:00-15:00)on Saturday,Monday and Wednesday. Appointments should be taken prior to Consultation either by calling 055-2303931 or 012-2222-3133. Working hours in Cairo Clinic are from 21:00-23:00,on Saturday,Sunday and Tuesday. Appointments can be done by calling 02-3337-0519 or 012-2222-3133
Professor Amer practice in Zagazig clinic on Saturday and Wednesday
Professor Amer practice twice weekly in Zagazig clinic.He is available for consultation on Saturday and Wednesday from 11:00 - 15:00. The clinic is located next to Zagazig Train station.patients should have an appointment before visiting Professor Amer
Professor Amer practice in Cairo office on Sunday and Tuesday
Professor Mohamed Amer is available on Sunday and Tuesday night in Cairo office. He is always available from 8:30- 10:30 p.m. Reservation should be made before consultation by calling +2-333-70-519.
Microphototherapy machine for Vitiligo&Psoriasis
Microphototherapy (UVB),machine for Psoriasis, Vitiligo& Atopic Dermatitis is available now in the two offices of Amer Family and results are amazing, the machine is made by Quanta System in Italy. It’s available only in Professor Amer offices. The machines are also available in Ratok derm offices in Milan. The sessions are made by Dr/Amin on daily basis except for Fridays. Sessions in Zagazig are on Monday and Wednesday, while in Cairo office sessions are done Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Professor Amer in the scientific committee of the 5-Continent-Congress in Cannes,France
Professor Amer is invited to be on the Scientific committee of the 5 Continent congress which will be held in Cannes,France from 3-6 September 2015 Professor Amer will give a talk entitled Whats new in hyper-pigmentation,and will chair a session as well. The congress is held every other year in Cannes,France.
Professor Amer is a Chairperson in the 23rd World congress of Dermatology in Vancouver 2015
Professor Amer is invited as a chairperson in the coming World Congress of Dermatology which will be held in Vancouver ,Canada from 8-13 June 2015. Professor Amer will also deliver a talk entitled Schistosomiasis treatment update
Dr Amin will participate in 5CC in Barcelona
Dr Amin is invited as a guest speaker in the coming 5CC congress which will be held in Barcelona, Spain 31 August - 3 September 2016. The congress used to takes place in Cannes Convention center which host every year Cannes Film Festival. This is the sixth congress and moved to Barcelona for the first time since it started in 2007.
Brief News about our offices.
We have two departments in every clinic, one for Dermatology as diagnosis is made than treatment is given the other for Venereology and Sexual transmitted diseases. PUVA, Narrow Band, Microphototherapy, Ultra wave all is done in our places. The other department is the cosmetic part. All Cosmetic work is done in our places, Boutilinum toxin, Fillers, Lasers, Hair Removal, Chemical Peeling and Cryosurgery. Boutilinum toxin is injected by Professor Mohamed Amer & Dr/Amin Amer, and an appointment should be taken prior to Injection by calling: + 2-012-222-3133.
Fractional resurfacing LASER Machine for post acne scars
A new Fractional resurfacing LASER machine is available now in Professor Amer clinic in Cairo. Erbium YAG fractional resurfacing laser is a very effective in many dermatological diseases. Pigmentations,burns,scars,resurfacing,tightening and post acne scars can be treated with that Laser Machine. The machine is available and appointment should be done before procedure.
Dr.Amin injects your varies
Dr.Amin is injecting a new agent now for varicose veins of the legs specially in females. This is a new technique which Dr Amin has been training for in the dermatological Surgery center in Philadelphia,USA last month with Dr Anthony Benedetto.
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