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  Conventions - Calendar 2012

List of the events which will be attended and lectures which will be given by Professor Amer & Dr/Amin Amer in different parts of the world during 2012 .

January 12

    • Meeting with the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical companies on 24 January 2012 in the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel.
    • Professor Amer will give a talk entitled ANTISENSE role in Dermatology on the 25th of January in the Department of Dermatology, Medical school, Zagazig University.
    • 8th IACD World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology,31 January 2012 – 4 February 2012,Cancun,Mexico.
    • Professor Amer will chair a session and give 2 talks entitled as follows:
    • Stem cell as cosmeceutical agent.
    • Melasma treatment options.
    • Dr Amin will chair a session and give 3 talks entitled as follows:
    • Can we combine topical agent and laser for rejuvenation?
    • Co2 fractional laser?
    • Mesofat.
February 12
    • Professor Mohamed Amer will give a lecture entitled ANTISENSE as antiageing in the department of Dermatology and Venereology, Medical School, Zagazig University.
    • Dr Amin will give lectures to post graduates entitled (pigmentation and Acne Form Eruptions).
March 12
    • 70th Annual meeting of the AAD, San Diego, 16-20 March 2012.
    • Dubai Derma, Dubai, UAE 27-29 March 2012.
    • Professor Amer will give 2 talks in congress entitled as follows:
    • Melasma treatment options.
    • Vaccines in dermatological Therapy
    • Also an immunobollous review in the precongress course on 23 March 2012.
April 12
    • Cairo Derma V, 14-17 April, 2012 in the Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel Cairo, Egypt
    • Precongress congress course 12-13 April 2012.
    • Professor Amer is the president of the congress and Dr Amin is the Secretary general.
May 12
    International Dermatopathology symposium, London, United Kingdom 10-11 May 2012.
June 12
    • 9th EADV spring symposium, Verona, Italy, 6-10 June 2012.
    • Professor Amer will give a talk entitled Melasma: What’s new?
    • Dr Amin will co-chair a session and give a talk about hyper pigmentation.
August 12
    • Summer Academy meeting, 15-19 August, Boston, Mass, USA. .
    • Board of AAD board of directors meeting on the 16th of August 2012..
September 12
    • Educational lectures for postgraduates, Department of Dermatology& Venereology, Medical School, Zagazig University.
    • Review lectures by Professor Amer and Dr Amin.
    • 21st EADV congress, Prague, Czech Republic,27-30 September 2012.
October 12
    • Professor Amer give a review lecture about safe drugs during pregnancy in the department of dermatology, Medical School, Zagazig University.
November 12
    • Postgraduate lectures of Dermatology& Venereology, Department of Dermatology& Venereology, Medical School, Zagazig University.
December 12
    • Lectures on different fields of cosmetic dermatology, Department of dermatology& Venereology, Medical school, Zagazig University.
    • 1st international winter consensus conference, Kitzbuhel, Austria 13-15 December 2012.
    • Professor Amer in the scientific committee and speaker as well.
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